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Welcome, Hetalians!


Welcome to FluffTalia!




It's a pleasure to have you here! This is a group for fluffy Hetalia artwork! Hence the name of the group.

Now with every group, there must be rules. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fun, no?~
First, though, let's introduce the gallery folders, so you know where to submit your fluffy, adorable artwork.~



Gallery Folders

We feature one deviation here every month! Remember to submit your fluffiest artwork, and you might get featured here!

For boyxboy pairings (ex. GerIta and Spamano). No mature content, shounen-ai is FLUFF, not yaoi. Nyotalia is allowed.

For girlxgirl pairings (ex. MonacoxWy). No mature content, shoujo-ai is FLUFF, not yuri.
Nyotalia is allowed.

:bulletgreen:Hetero pairings
For guyxgirl pairings (ex. PruHun, AusHun). No mature content. Nyotalia is allowed.

For any pictures made on the program MikuMikuDance. You must give credit to the modelmakers in order to have your pictures submitted here. Any kind of fluff or romance is allowed, just no mature content.

Title is self-explanatory. This folder is for fanfiction. Any kind of fluff or romance is allowed, just no mature content or reader inserts. Please try and use correct grammar.

Where you submit artwork that is not yet finished. After all, we all want to see your fluffy, adorable artwork in the making! Anything is allowed here, no mature content.

:bulletorange:Nekotalia, Mochitalia
Submit fluffy Nekotalia (cats) or Mochitalia artwork here. Any kind of fluff is accepted. No mature content is allowed.

This is where artwork featuring a single character belongs. No mature content, as usual.




1. The number 1 rule: NO MATURE CONTENT! That rule has been stated enough times, so you probably get it.

2. Submit to the correct folder! It will be denied if you submit it to the wrong folder. Read the info about the gallery folders above to see where everything goes!

3. Put effort into your artwork! We don't want 2-minute base edits here or messy sketches. Even if it is a base edit, we want effort. Be sure to follow the basemaker's rules, too! And if it's a WIP, submit it to the WIPs folder.

4. Respect your admins and fellow members! If there is drama going on in this group, it distracts from the fluffiness, so we don't want that now, do we?

5. No stealing artwork! Don't just randomly upload someone else's artwork. Even if you do give credit, it's against dA rules. Demotivational posters are NOT allowed, except if you use your own artwork. If you are caught stealing artwork and submitting it to this group, you will be kicked out and blocked. Remember! If you are submitting MMD pics, be sure to give credit to the modelmakers!

6. And the last rule? Just sit back, and enjoy the fluffiness! That's the purpose of this group, after all. If you follow these rules, you will be sure to have a wonderful experience here at FluffTalia!




none yet


Please visit Hetalia-Art-Critique!








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Group Info

This group is for fans of Hetalia who love fluff! All pairings are accepted, as long as there's no mature content.
Submit your cutest, fluffiest, and most adorable Hetalia fan art here!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 15, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

71 Members
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If you advertise your group and get at least 10 new members to join FluffTalia, you may be able to get your artwork featured! Just comment here and let me know which 10 users you referred here. Remember to tell those 10 users about referral as well!

If you are able to get 10 new members to join, just let me know which of your deviations you want featured. I will send a request for your art to be in the gallery, so you will not have to submit it yourself.

We will have up to 5 deviations featured. So hurry and refer FluffTalia!

Don't try and lie about referring 10 members. Everyone can see the Members List.

The users you refer have to JOIN the group in order to count for referral. If you are a referred user, and you have a problem with trying to join, let me know with a comment on the group's homepage, telling me who referred you.

Thank you for reading! I hope this group gets more members!

Also, please check out my friend Sandusky10's group, Hetalia-Art-Critique!
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Mezzochan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Professional
Hi there, I love the theme of this group! <3 I think you should add a folder for cute and fluffy friendship / group pictures to your gallery, though! :3
Italy--Feliciano Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
((Thanks! It's difficult keeping the group active though D: ))
Mezzochan Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Professional
That's a pity ;__; I'll try and do a bit of advertising for you, maybe it'll help. :3 (or just try and ask people to submit deviations you like, I usually join the group if I get a request)
Tribal-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
One of my submissions to this group expired. Is that supposed to happen?

Sorry I keep spamming you. I must seem like such an idiot. -.-
Italy--Feliciano Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
((I'm sorry ;A; It's just that this group is a bit... inactive... I'm checking all the expired submissions now.))
Tribal-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
Umm, what's taking so long to get my fanfic approved/not approved? Sorry, that sounded rude, it's just, umm..... I'm a very impatient person I guess so yeeeeaah....
Tribal-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
I have a question - is there a more precise definition of fluff? Because I submitted five pictures and then withdrew each of them, thinking they weren't fluffy enough, and now I think I don't even know what qualifies as fluff.
IgnisArdor Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fluffy = Cute, with NO sex, mature content, nudity, hardcore yaoi etc. Shounen ai is totally welcome! :D

((Your drawings are fluffy enough! ><))
Tribal-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
But... I don't know, but tsundere-ness and people expressing love through yelling and stuff like that... that's a bit murkier.
dattebanyan-I Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
thank you for letting me join ~~
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